The “Pure Stock Muscle Car Challenge” is an extension of the “Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race” which will allow the winners from each mini shoot out to compete for a trophy of this Bracket Race. 

 The race is open to the individual shoot out winners only (participation is not mandatory).

 Handicap Starts will be based on your “PSMCDR” race qualifying E.T.’s and cannot be changed. Qualifying E.T.’s (dial in) will be clearly written on your window for the tower to set the “tree” handicap.

 No changes to the car are allowed including tires. All PSMCDR rules remain in effect for the “Challenge”.

Cars will be matched up in the order that they enter the staging lanes. There will be no pre-established pairings.

Winners of each round are asked to return to the staging lanes promptly. You MUST be in the staging lanes prior to the start of the next round.

The victors of each round will continue until there is one overall winner.

Normal bracket race rules apply regarding red lights and break outs. There will be no “3 tenths rule”, if you break out or run faster than your qualifying E.T. you lose.  The worst breakout will lose in a double breakout.

 Bye runs will be determined by random draw. Only 1 bye run allowed per participant.

There will be a trophy to the winner of the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race Challenge overall winner.

Further questions contact:  Jim Maher (989) 233-2212, Dave Hemker (989) 274-9486 or Dan Jensen