The original appearance must be maintained. No aftermarket panels of any kind are allowed. The car must maintain the stock ride-height. Raising or lowering either the front or back of the car is NOT allowed.

Bumpers must retain all original bracing and reinforcements. Inner fender panels, front and rear, must be retained. Factory hood scoops, ram air, and fresh air induction must be correct for the year, make, and horsepower claimed.

 No aftermarket or homemade induction units of any kind are allowed. The factory air cleaner and filter must be in place during all runs. Aftermarket air cleaners NOT allowed. Air cleaner lid can be raised no more than ½-inch off the base.

. All accessories must be functional (radio, wipers, heater, blower motor, turn signals, etc.). OEM glass only. All windows must be functional and closed during all runs.
The trunk must appear stock at all times.


No "custom" paint colors, designs, or lettering are allowed. The car must have a presentable appearance. No primered areas, mismatched paint, or large rust-holes allowed.


Interior seating, trim, and materials must be correct for the year and model claimed, as well as being completely functional. Aftermarket tachs and gauges are allowed if mounted on the steering column or under the dash, except for some factory tachs mounted on top of the dashboard.